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//  Active WLAN-Indoor-Navigation

Server-based and available for every Wi-Fi device

Customer loyalty, value-added services and customer flows in an all-inclusive-package


free-wifi-service-indoor-navigation-heatmap-450With active indoor navigation, new business models are possible and it will take you, as an operator, to the pole position of your customers decision-making processes. Free wifi service can localise all Wi-Fi devices in your environment and give you a variety of ways to use this information. This technology works even without active connection – only the Wi-Fi-function of the customers‘ device needs to be enabled.

Adapted from this collected information important decision can be made. For example: open another cash register during heavy workload; precise documentation of construction phases with the use of the positioning data or the ways and prevalence of your customers at the sales area.






Overview of your benefits:

  • Active business decisions
  • Customer behavior at the POS / POI
  • Notification service
  • Position of staff and equipment / machinery
  • Documentation with position data
  • Recognition of customer reappearance
  • And more



Customer loyalty and value added services


free-wifi-service-indoor-navigation-screens-600Give your customers the information they really need. Customers who log in to your open Wi-Fi-network are directed to the free-wifi-service welcome page. Installation of an app is not necessary. By using this server based service, the customers are able to frequently update their current positions (after accepting localisation). They also have access to value added services such as location-based information and current offers.

You, as an operator, are able to integrate our location-based service into your campaigns, promotions and other marketing activities. Instead of just providing a huge amount of data, all this useful information is also analysed and visualized exclusively for you. The communication in your infrastructure is solved via Wi-Fi-network.

These local-based services (LBS) are autonomous and always available to your customers where they need it and can also be combined with apps. So you can monetize your wifi-infrastructure shortly.



Benefits for your customers:

  • Positioning is independent from mobile applications
  • Offers, products, POIs and other important locations are searchable
  • Navigation for customers (turn-by-turn)
  • 2D maps, 3D maps, photo navigation
  • No app necessary
  • Automatic update of localization
  • And more
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