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//  Components & Modules

Expand the scope of the free wifi service with other important components and adjust your solution to your needs.

Summary of the existing modules:


Business solutions and concepts are available for:
Retailers, trading companies, hotels, transport companies (public and private), malls, fair-trade-companies, stadiums, many more.


A small summary of our modules is provided in the following section. In case of further questions about additional solutions please contact us!



// Additional information & QR-Codes

Offer additional digital information about your products and take advantage of the easiest cross-selling opportunities.
By using a QR-Code module for example, you are able to create (product) signs, which will link to the corresponding info page.





// Events calendar & iCal connection

Using a calendar module, you are able to inform your customers on upcoming events, campaigns and promotions.
It is also possible to send invitations and reminder to friends and acquaintances.





// Shopping list

Shopping suggestions and ingredient from offered recipes can be transferred into a shopping list. Also external shopping lists from third-party apps can be used.





// Customer reviews and recommendations

Customer reviews, product availability, explanatory videos, etc. can be offered as additional product information.
Contents and products can be shared with friends and acquaintances over social media services (facebook, twitter,…) directly from the sales area. Take advantage of the community for your products and services.





Your customers can navigate to products or to certain areas using Wi-Fi indoor navigation.
It is also possible for the customer to get information about nearby products/areas with the „around my position“ feature.





// Customer flow & heat map

Benefit from significant motion profiles, which allows you to receive more information about customer retention time and prevalence.
These are the crucial information for the decision where to place future products and subjects.



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