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//  Monetization

Smartphones and tablets have changed the requirements on nets, bandwidth and the availability of data, services and information. HotSpots are used as first step for monetization of wifi-infrastructures.
Especially in Germany a registration at the telecommunication-providers is required to get a free internet access.
Due to the fact that a lot of clients have a mobile-data-flatrate and feel discouraged by the necessity to register (or even to pay for this) these models are used decreasingly.



But these infrastructures form an ideal basis for further informations, services, additional sale and customer loyalty. Therefor the direct sales approach is important to deliver information and services to the customers without detours.


Our solution (a direct digital sales approach) is the free wifi service. An existing wifi-infrastructure can be upgraded with a further, open virtual W-LAN (a so called V-LAN with own SSID) with independent rules and content.




BYOD – bring your own device 2.0 – only for your customers and staff


Currently approx. 50% of the German residents have a smartphone (trend will increase strong) – so they are permanently carrying a device, that can receive digital information via Wi-Fi. If customers with smartphones meet thematically new business models will be possible. The information of the free wifi service is focused on the locality – which means real „local based services“ (LBS).


Inside a shopping mall or even in the parking deck offers, coupons, vouchers or indoor navigation can be offered to the customers. Retailers can point out online-offers to their customers within the sales area and supply them with references, recipes, fixed dates, events and many more. So there are many advantages for the customers which also increase the customers satisfaction.Scene05


Due to the fact that the structure of the content is very flexible and that you can use existing Wi-Fi-infrastructures there are many cases for the free wifi service.
e.g.: supermarkets, stadiums, event locations, ships, and many more.


All that without an app-installation for the customers: Directly and without detours.


With free-wifi-service you can make money with your wifi-infrastructure, increase customer loyalty and market your own sales areas.

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