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//  WIFI Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation by wifi

In public traffic or in pedestrian-zones navigation and positioning by GPS are common since years. Navigation inside buildings has not yet reached this point caused by missing GPS-signals.

In this case a Wi-Fi-signal is a promising option to locate smartphones by triangular-technique. Once located, a smartphone-user can receive location-dependent services like special offers or location information „around my position“.
The operator however profits by collecting information, that can support marketing, sale and customer-service (e.g. movement profiles). The identified movement profiles are anonym. With the customers permission these profiles can also be personalized.

We think it is very important that the customer can connect and use all value-added-service as simple as possible. So our solution works on all smartphones without prior app-installation.
The manufactors of smartphones are far away from device-neutral-solutions. Microsoft and Nokia work on own solutions, Apple completely refuses access to the built-in wifi-chip. To use the location services of the manufactors it is mandatory to load and install an apps and map-information. Most of the customers are not willing to spend time on this: they need information directly without detour.


Active locating / Indoor navigation / Flow of customers

Server-based locating via Wi-Fi creates new chances for customers, independent from their device. The anonymous movement-profiles from WiFi-signals can only be assigned to customers with their previous permission: so they are in line with the law.
These data are not sold (like google does) and do not reach the telecommunication provider… so the operator gains his own individual analytics and reportings – independent from data-services.

For more information about active indoor-navigation click here


Passive locating with QR-codes

As an alternative to an active navigation the provider can use QR-codes inside buildings to offer his visitors the possibility to identify their current position. After connecting with the free wifi service and scanning the code, the visitors will receives a map with their current position on their smartphones.
In this option, the devices can not be identified, so a measuring of customers-movement and information about high density areas are not possible.

For more informations about passive indoor-navigation click here
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